26th November 2019

What are the benefits of using original photography on your website?

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What are the Benefits of Using Original Photography on Your Website
They say “a picture speaks a thousand words”, and your website imagery is perhaps the easiest way to effectively communicate your message to your website users.

This is one of many eye opening facts which demonstrates the importance of using original imagery on your website.

I’m going to run through five of the reasons why you should consider using original imagery on your website as a pose to taking the route of using stock photos.

1) Original photography helps build credibility and trust

I’ve already spoke about how important it is to build trust and credibility for your online brand and original imagery is the cornerstone of communicating authenticity and trustworthiness to your users. 

2) Original photography helps build authenticity and showcase your personality

People are searching for authenticity online, they want to feel connected, and you can allow them to connect to your brand through using original photography shot to reflect the personality and showcase the best of your brand. 

Although stock imagery is usually of a high quality, one of its major drawbacks is that it can often feel unnatural and soulless. Using original photography gives you a great opportunity to make yourself more relatable, this can help you engage users and build relationships. 

Don’t be afraid to show your flaws and struggles in your imagery. This will help to build the story of your brand and business, and build relationships with your website visitors.

3) It can improve your websites SEO

Google knows when your using stock imagery or when you are producing original content. Google loves uniques and original content and it’s increasingly sophisticated algorithms will boost your rankings if it believes that your imagery is original.

4) It creates cohesion throughout your online brand

If you create a catalogue of original photography with a uniform style and colour tone to use across all your online activity. Your users will make a connection between your brand and online marketing exercise which will build a stronger sense of cohesion and ultimately make you more memorable across all platforms. 

6) It makes you look like a serious player in your industry

If users see that you are investing in your own brand and website, they’re more likely to want to invest in you. How can you ask your potential customers to invest in your product or service if your not putting in the effort or investment into your own business. 

Investing capital or time and effort into producing high quality original imagery makes you look like a serious player, and a business that can be trusted to deliver a great service or product.

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